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Govt to eliminate terrorism, hunger, unemployment, inflation, ensure security of borders: PM

The government is committed to eliminate extremism and terrorism from the country and ensure the security of our borders said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a statement on the eve of the country’s 67th Independence Day.

“I extend my felicitations to all the countrymen and overseas Pakistanis and offer my gratitude to Allah for giving us Pakistan,” he said.

The PM said Pakistan is our identity and we have earned it through great sacrifices. Countless people gave their blood to kindle the light of freedom and millions had to migrate for this purpose, he added.

He said a “new era of hope and optimism” had begun in the country with the election of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), the founding party of the country, as the leading political force.

Nawaz said the PML-N believed the well-being and security of the country depended on the continuation of the democratic process and respect for the peoples’ rights.

“Our government is putting in a lot of efforts to eliminate extremism, hunger, unemployment and inflation so that there is development and prosperity in the country,” he said.

Nawaz said on Independence Day, he wanted to devise a future plan for the country.

“If we fail to correct our mistakes today, fail to choose the right path and continue to serve our personal interests instead of the national objectives, the future generations will never pardon us,” he said.