Suicide bomber, guard killed in Barakahu


A terrorist attack was foiled by a security guard at a mosque in Barakahu in the suburban areas of the federal capital on Friday.

According to police, a suicide bomber opened fire while entering a Shia mosque after the Friday prayers.

The guard deployed at the mosque killed the bomber. However, his accomplices killed the guard in retaliation.

The police launched a search operation and arrested two of them in Chattar.

The would-be suicide bomber who tried to detonate his explosives-laden vest was identified as Zakaullah through fingerprint verification.

Sources said he belonged to a village of Bhawana Chak No 239 JB.

Later, the law enforcement agencies cordoned off Chak No 239 JB of Bhawana and arrested five people, including the father and three brothers of Zakaullah.

Sources said Zakaullah had disappeared from his house a year ago and was in league with the extremists.

According to a report, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has claimed responsibility for the attack.