Karzai agrees to visit Pakistan to discuss Taliban peace talks


Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai is expected to visit Pakistan on August 26 to rebuild relations stalled since long and for talks on resuscitating the peace process with the Taliban.

A source in the Afghan presidency said Karzai would be traveling to Pakistan on August 26.

Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman Janan Musazai said a comprehensive agenda was being worked out for Karzai.

Prime Minister’s Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz delivered the invitation to Karzai during his visit to Kabul last month.

This would be Karzai’s first trip to Pakistan in almost a year and a half.

He will also discuss economic cooperation and the issue of Afghan refugees, the report added.

All stakeholders, including the Taliban, have expressed interest in getting past the fracas over the name of the Doha office and raising the flag that led to closure of the militants’ office. There are indications that the political office will be relocated to some other country. Kabul has indicated its preferences – Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan first helped the Taliban open the Doha office and is now being pressured to play its part in coaxing them back into talks.

Karzai will also discuss economic cooperation and the issue of Afghan refugees.


  1. We cannot over emphasize the importance of shared cooperation between the regional partners. We are fighting the same terrorists and suffering at the hands of the same terrorists. The seriousness of the situation requires us to work together against our common enemies. Our common enemies are not wasting any time in countering our peace efforts in the region. They continue to claim innocent lives in their bid to destabilize the region. They did not show any respect for the holy month of Ramadan and even continued their terrorist activities’ during the Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations. It is important to note that these attacks were conducted on both sides of the border. So, does it make sense to indulge in the blame game when we are making common sacrifices? It only makes sense for us to create a healthy partnership and combine our strength against those who pose a threat to the safety of our nations.

    Ali Khan

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