Counterterrorism and intelligence directorate to be formed: KP govt


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police Inspector General Ahsan Ghani said that the government had decided to form a counterterrorism and intelligence directorate to prevent acts of terrorism in Peshawar and its adjoining tribal areas.
Ghani said the Frontier Constabulary (FC) would be made additionally vibrant in the tribal areas. The IG added that intelligence sharing activities had already begun and that officers and personnel of the counterterrorism and intelligence directorate would be equipped with modern arms within three years.
He emphasised on the importance of intelligence in countering terrorism and other crimes for which the decision of forming the new directorate had been taken.
Furthermore, he said that incidents of terrorism had increased manifold in the last one decade as Pakistan was on the frontline in fighting terrorism. The new directorate will gather intelligence about terror related information to dealing with the menace, he added.
The IG said that several intelligence departments were presently working in the police force but they had been losing their utility in gathering intelligence. He said a proposal to revive the district security branch by utilising existing resources to prevent the movement of terrorists was also under consideration.