Not the right time to talk about PMs’ talks: India



Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid on Thursday said it was not an appropriate time to say anything about the September meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif, scheduled on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meet.

“Not in a position today to say anything because this is not the time or appropriate atmosphere in which we should be discussing talks. There will be lot of work necessary if we are to talk… but will it be conducive, we need to look at it,” Khurshid said.

“Let’s wait for the appropriate time. All the inputs have to be brought in, then we can take a call,” he was quoted as saying.

Khurshid also said the prime minister was not distancing himself from any issue.

“The Prime Minister’s Office or the prime minister will never distance from the prime minister’s team. We have a job to do and we do it under the supervision and overall leadership of the prime minister.

“We as members of the cabinet are doing things which are specifically assigned to us. Prime minister is the overall in-charge. Everything we do will finally go up to him and he will approve. If he thinks that whatever we do is wrong… he will tell us this is not acceptable. But we can’t sort of not shoulder the responsibility given to us and then leave it to the prime minister… it is not correct,” Khurshid told a news channel.

He also added that Defence Minister AK Antony had done an honest job.

“He (Antony) has done an honest job. Parliament wanted defence minister’s statement too quickly and he gave a statement that was based on information which was available. The information which is available in two hours is different from the information which is available after 24 hours and 48 hours.”

Khurshid was responding after Antony made a fresh statement in parliament over the killing of five Indian soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir.

Antony said based on an on-the-spot assessment by Army Chief General Bikram Singh, it was now clear that the attack was carried out by Pakistani army regulars.


  1. Pakistan should postpone any serious dialogue with India because Manmohan Singh's Gevernment is weak, laden with corruption and incompetent. It is not in a position to make any decisions. It's foreign minister is an idiot, who does not know first thing about diplomacy.

    Pakistan should wait to start dialogue until after Indian elections and induction of a more representative government, which can make commitments and deliver on them.

    • And your government is NOT ????? You really should refrain from commenting,it makes you sound………stupid

    • Dimwit, Pakistan is not even a country for us. It is an unruly tribe being controlled by a militia.
      Bankrupt, living off on loans and aid, terrorstan of the the world….even today nearly 50 people died in blasts…can u imagine anyone wanting to talk to you…and for what ???

      • Quick fact check, is Bharat the geography where there are insurgencies in 400 out of 628 districts. Where the naxalite Maoists control the east and the south. You are right there is no point talking, 700 years of Muslim rule has so traumatized you Banias that you are incapable of relating, your inferiority complex expreses in strange ways, attack your own Parliament, carry out a massacre in Bombay, burn the Samjhota express and then blame Pakistan. You know what, we look at a cow and think of rump steak, you look at a cow, and drink its urine before you worship it. You are right you do not deserve access to central asia , and you won't get it. Since you are beggars you need tom start acting like beggars. Your fithy conspiracies in Afghanistan have collapsed, now you are cluthing at straws like killing your own soldiers and blaming Pakistan..there is an ultimate solution for will learn soon enough..

          • Some people cannot have a civilized conversation like Desi and Jeet above, your prejudices come through. As the Governments on both sides are incompetent, it is up to the people of the two countries to initiate a civilized dialogue and impress upon their Governmentsnto move forward with a solid peace process.

            Each time talks are about to start, incidents on border jeopardize them, obviously the terrorists on both sides don't want talks to proceed. If there is peace, they will be out of business. The Governments have to rise above this and continue with the peace process. Keeping tensions going is handing the play field to the hawks and terrorists.

        • 2 bit Medressah educated hopeless creature, This is what they teach you at medressahs to calm you and help you to get sleep. First of all , understand the meaning of insurgency. There are no insurgencies like you had in East Pakistan and now Baluchistan and complete balkanization of Karachi, India faces no existential threat. Instead of listening to Maulvis and Jehadis, read some books that will get some facts into your disoriented head. There is no country, perhaps with an exception of Somalia and Afghanistan, in the world which is as condemned, as bankrupt, as volatile and as notorious as the failed, bankrupt, terror infested republic of Pakistan.

          • Contd'.. Since when Muslims have started talking of facts ? India is an over 5000 yr old civilizations with its ups and downs. You rootless people call yourself "Arabs' whereas Arabs want nothing to do with you. Why you want to take solace in what purportedly happened thousand years back, why don't you want to know what happened in your lifetime ? The most humiliating defeat of 1971 when the whole world saw 93000 Pakistani clowns surrendering and half of your country being severed-off ? If not you, your father or grand father can tell you. Indians have no such relationship with cows as you console yourself with while following a diktat that was meant for an uncivilized tribe. No wonder you remain most backward, barbaric and dishonored people in the world. Coming to passage to central Asia…ahahah the day India decides to play mischief with will be begging.
            So think twice before bloating over passage, small minded semi-literate loser.
            India is not out of Afghanistan. It has nothing to loose. Inspite of terror attacks by you on its consulates, not even one has been closed. Since long you have exploited Afghans and you are scared of their turning the table, and they will.

          • You are totally ignorant and a foolish man. It is useless to have a discussion with you as your brain is full of 'bhoosa'.

  2. pakistan is the worst country in the world,terrorist capital and international migrain,cheers from bangladesh

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