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Pak-India DGMOs discuss situation on LOC


A special hotline contact was established on Wednesday morning between the directors general Military Operations of Pakistan and Indian armies to discuss the situation arising due to recent Indian allegations of LoC ceasefire violation.

The Pakistani DGMO strongly and categorically rejected Indian allegation of LoC violation by Pakistani troops and killing of five Indian soldiers in Poonch Sector on night between August 5th and 6th.

The Pakistan Army also lodged a strong protest during special hotline contact for LoC violation by Indian troops in Pandu Sector on Wednesday, in which two Pakistani soldiers were seriously injured.

It was reiterated by the DGMO that Pakistan army abided by the ceasefire agreement existing between the two countries.

Pakistan said that its forces committed no violation of the said sector on the night between August 5 and 6 nor it had killed Indian troops.

The Foreign Office has already rejected Indian allegations and has lodged strong protest against Indian troop’s violation of LoC.

On the other hand Sartaj Aziz, adviser to prime minister on national security and foreign affairs, also protested over intrusion into Pakistan airspace by an Indian drone.

Defence observers said violation of LoC by Indian troops could undermine the efforts aimed at normalising the relations between Pakistan and India and could leave negative impact on the prospective meeting between the prime ministers of Pakistan and Indian on the sidelines of UN General Assembly session during the third week of September in New York.

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  1. ramakant juvekar said:

    India has always been a peaceful dove for Pakistan and Pakistan is always a Cobra snake for India. This snake is frequently acting SMART and causing lots of disturbance for India and the recent killing of Indian soliders is nothing but an attempt to test our patience.

    It is high time now that Indian Government cannot continue to so patient and need some strong measures against Pakistan.

    Recent statement by Mr. A. K. Antony is nothing but an attempt to put a cover on its own failure. But here we are not fighting against each other as our internal matter but against Pakistan we must unanimously give a tough reply once for all.

    In case, Indian Government stays cool and discuss to shake hand with Pakistan and another attempt of intrusion occurs, we all Indian Citizens would, SUO MOTO, take action against Pakistan and Indian Government would not be able to take any action against us. This may please be noted. Those Indian Ministers who sing in favour of Pakistan are free to leave India immediately and take shelter in Pakistan with their entire family. No mercy would be shown to them. We would not allow our country to be sold to any foreign country now.

    All Indians be ready for a tough battle ahead and we need to fight the external intrusion on our own without depending on the Indian Government.

    Please get up and be united against the terrorists (external and internal means white faced Indian Ministers, etc).

    Jai Hind !!!

  2. pakistan zindabad said:

    lol? indians? so you said you guys are so called dhoodh k dholay ho?, oye you guys dont have any solid proof against pakistan , plus now you guys are crying on 5 soldiers of indians? and what about kashmirs people? indian soldiers killed hundreds daily in kashmir, kashmirs people are not human? only you guys? its not hidden what things your soldiers doing in kashmir, you are no peaceful people, you are animals, if you want war , we are also ready, come and dare, its only you guys who take damage and go back to stone age after atomic war.

    • Anon said:

      So, why do you think Punjabis are getting killed in Baluchistan ???

  3. saurav said:

    Why the hell is the area called pok(Pakistan occupied Kashmir) why do u ppl believe in terrorism.don’t you remember kargil war.??the way u were defeated..

  4. captainjohann said:

    If Pakistan army has not killed the 5 Indian soldiers, then who killed them?

  5. sana malik said:

    hey Bahartis! You mad! you know what will happen if you dare to cross Pakistani border? don't let your media fool you because you will curse your own media and army if you survive the nuclear explosion or in any case you will surely curse them in hell
    kahani mukao baten na bnao!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. malik ak said:

    these all pakistani guys commented are big joke, they know that pakistan is a begging nation ,future somalia or iraq. .they cant control thereself..each and everyday bombblast is there,they have lot of suicide bombers school,yestday DIG,sp all died in blast.its nothing ,,thats normal in pakistan..these pakis r pretending as indians in europe and US bcos othrwise they doubt them as terrorist,…before 10 -15 yrs pakistan is a good place..but now stated as dangerous place on earth

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