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Sale of sweets rises ahead of Eid

Sweets and cake makers in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are enjoying the Eid season as their sales have gone up by 60 percent.

They said that sales became stagnant during Ramadan but have gone up as Eid approaches.

According to sweet shop owners, rates of sweets are high this year (average Rs 360-380 per kg at most city shops) as the shops have witnessed an increase in customers. Ali Ahmad, an owner of a well-known sweets shop said that there was a sharp increase in the sale of sweets from Ramadan 26. “Companies and hotels have already started placing Eid orders as early as the start of the last ashra of Ramadan. Our branches around the city have recorded a 60 percent increase in sales as we cater to a large number of clients including five-star hotels, communication companies and banks who have booked their orders in advance,” he added.

Ali said that chocolate, tuti fruity, desi including other flavoured sweets, especially patisa and gulab jamun topped the list.

Malik Amir, a restaurant owner who supplies homemade sweets to small stores said, “Citizens celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr by preparing a variety of desserts but the tradition of making them at home is fast diminishing. People these days prefer to buy from reputed shops.”

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