KESC braves storm to restore power supply


Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) on Monday said that despite the horrendous weather, only 100 out of 1,350 feeders tripped during the heavy downpour.

In a press statement, the KESC said that all feeders that had tripped during the storm had been promptly restored.

The utility also appealed to the waste management authorities to clear stagnant rainwater as soon as possible so that electric maintenance teams would not face problems while dealing with the equipment. Due to the flooded roads, repair work on cables, especially underground cables was not possible due to risks to health and property.

The KESC further said that at certain location, the wires used for illegal connections had been severed by the thunderstorm and were now lying submerged which posed a major threat to the lives of the citizens.

While expressing concern over yesterday’s incidents of violent agitation and burning of assets at certain KESC offices, the power utility said that such incidents merely delayed the functioning of the company and the only ones facing inconvenience due to the vandalism would be the citizens themselves.

The power utility apologized for the inconvenience caused by power failures and requested citizens to stay clear of rainwater and cautioned them from handling any wet electricity connections to avoid electrocution.