800 cell phones and lots of drugs in Jhang jail


Dozens of dangerous prisoners belonging to various banned outfits are being kept at the Jhang jail that has been declared as one of most sensitive prisons in the province, but its security situation tells another story.
According to a report, the inmates have been seen using mobile phones without any check by the jail authorities while other prisoners are running their own gangs and are involved in extortion. This is happening despite the jail break incident in DI Khan which was facilitated through the use of mobile phones.
The report said there are 800 mobile phones being used by inmates of the prison declared ‘sensitive’, adding that the prison staff is also involved in the violation of the jail’s rules.
The prisoners can also obtain narcotics in the jail due to the involvement of the jail staff. A minimum of 10 extremely dangerous criminals belonging to banned outfits are currently detained at this jail.

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