Train closure: How am I supposed to go to work?


Pakistan Railways passengers demanded the restoration of all trains on the Lahore-Narowal section as closure of these trains rendered thousands unemployed.
Daily Passengers Association Chairman Hafiz Abdul Qayyum said the administration and the previous government had shut down 16 trains in the Narowal section to punish the area’s residents for their continued support to the Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N).
He said that thousands of people travelled via trains for jobs to big cities but the closure of these trains had forced them to remain at their homes which had badly affected the lives of thousands of families of the area.
He said that PML-N’s Rana Tanveer and Ehsan Iqbal had been winning elections for this region since the past several years, thus the previous government had terminated the operation of several trains on this section.
He alleged that some railway officers were also involved in the closure of these train routes.
A passenger, Arshad, said that several trains had been restored on other sections but the Lahore-Narowal section was still neglected.
Traffic Additional General Manager and Lahore Ex-Divisional Superintendent Javaid Anwar Boobak said that the restoration of trains had been frozen due to the unavailability of sufficient locomotives.
He said that no more passenger trains could be restored on any section, however, the restoration of freight trains was in progress.