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Imran Khan to sue Fazl for calling him Jewish agent

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday announced to move court against Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl chief for calling him a Jewish agent.
Imran Khan also vowed to make public the report of DI Khan jailbreak.
Addressing a news conference at the PTI Secretariat, the PTI chairman said that he would sue Fazlur Rehman.
He asked Fazl to tell the people that who held secret meetings with the US envoy in Islamabad and expressed his desire to become the prime minister.
Imran Khan maintained that soon a legal notice would be served to the JUI-F chief. Criticising the government’s policies, the PTI chairman said the devaluation of rupee against dollar should be stopped now. He said that the salaried class of the country was being pushed towards its economic murder.
The rupee, Imran said, was losing its value against dollar which was resulting in more inflation, adding that unbridled inflation has put immense burden on the poor and the government should take steps in this regard.
Referring to power theft by various elements‚ Imran Khan said stern action was needed to be taken against the culprits. He also asked the government to increase the tax base so that only salaries people were not burdened with taxes.
He said that soon the electricity tariff would be raised and that would prove disastrous for the country.
Declaring the recent Dera Ismail Khan jailbreak the worst incident, he said the incident was a matter of concern for security forces and cause of fear for the people. He said it was tragic that the terrorists were not confronted, adding that an army unit was deployed in DI Khan when the jail was targeted.
The PTI chairman said Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak would make the inquiry report public and the KP government has written to the federal government to deploy additional para-military forces like Frontier Constabulary (FC) in KP.

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  1. Alia said:

    Is it true that Imran Khan is a Jewish agent. Well I can say, he is using innocent Jewish lady Jamima, in order to achieve his targets in Pakistani politics.

    He married Jamima (a Jewish woman) not to teach her Islam and to show her the real face of Islam, but to earn her money $$$ (dollar speaks). She is a daughter of Gold smith (only $$$$ counts). Jamima has married Imran Khan because of Lady Diana (both were friends). Diana was fall in love with a Pakistani Doctor (also a Khan), so Jamima thought that Imran KHAN was a right guy, just like doctor Khan… 😉

    He played his politics with Jamima and married that richest daughter of Gold Smith. Later he threw her away from his life (only a story guys!!!). Badmash Khan knew very well, divorce mean 50% of her $$$$, so he decided to exchange his sons against $$$.

    Imran Khan has got 2 sons with Jamima, so why he has left them both their in UK??? Who is teaching them Islam in UK??? 😉 He is a million dollar man. Devoice is also a lie, it is a game played by him in order to leave the Children by her Mom. (Security you know 🙂

    Sharamnaak Khan ooh sorry (Imran Khan)'s Election Campaign 2013 was financed by his beloved wife, hoping to wipe out Islam from Pakistan forever. This was their Plan but not the Plan of Pakistanis.

    We are really sorry for Jamima not to showing her the real face of Islam and Pakistan. We were also not aware of Imran Khan's game plan. Otherwise she would be here with us just like 1000's of foreigner living in Pakistan.

    If you ask Khan, he would say Jamima is Muslim, ask the same question to Jamima she would says I am Jewish… So Khan's story is full of lies… He is using Islam, a Jewish woman, his sons, infact he is playing with Pakistanis.

    JUST ASK HIM ONE QUESTION: "KHAN BRING YOUR CHILDREN BACK TO PAKISTAN" (He will never bring them back to Pakistan, because this is the contract between Jamima and Imran understand!)

    Now Pakistan has got true leader Mr. Nawaz Shareef. Sharee Ayaa Jii Sharee Ayaa

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