Walking with the Walking Dead: A look at the coming season!


The walkers are coming closer and closer! The season four premiere of The Walking Dead is just a few months away (Oct. 13 to be exact!), and we cannot begin to describe how excited we are to be reunited with our favorite zombie hunters—and so is the cast! AMC just released a brand-new teaser trailer for the post-apocalyptic drama’s newest season and we’ve got your sneak peek into the all the walker-killing craziness. In the first look featurette, the cast and crew are thrilled to share with fans a behind-the-scenes look as to what is coming up on the hit AMC drama. Producer Gale Ann Hurd teases that the stakes are going to be at an all-time high this season. She promises, “There are more zombies than ever before.” Echoing those thrilling thoughts, star Andrew Lincoln reveals: “The scripts this season are beyond great. They’re deeper, darker. I don’t know how these guys do it in the writers room, but it keeps getting bigger and bigger.” Physically, audiences can expect to see plenty of changes throughout the prison as they try to transform their compound into a home. “We’re making everything look different and new and unique for this season,” creator Robert Kirkman explains. “I think there’s going to be some cool, new elements thrown in that will shock you. The prison has evolved quite a bit since season three to season four.”
Lauren Cohan warns that season four of The Walking Dead will present a whole new set of problems aside from the influx of rabid walkers. “It’s not even the walkers, it’s not even other people…it’s a whole new threat,” she says, while Kirkman ominously adds: “…which could be more deadly than the other two combined.”