UK firm seeks ‘accountability’, files $500 million case against NAB


A British company tasked by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to help unearth secret accounts and properties of Pakistanis in the United Kingdom (UK) filed a $500 million case on Saturday against the NAB on charges violating their agreement via non payment of its dues.
Reports revealed that NAB Deputy Chairman stopped the payment of Rs 76 million to a foreign legal firm to defend the NAB. The Broadsheet Company filed the case in a UK court on the plea that the NAB did not fulfil its pre-stated agreements.
They said that under the agreement reached in June 2000, the NAB made a payment of $1.5 million to the company, but it termed the payment as violation of the agreement and approached the British court.
The NAB got the approval of the law and justice ministry to defend its case in Britain and has hired a legal firm to present its case. The finance ministry had accorded the approval of Rs 76 million to make payment to the legal firm, but the Deputy Chairman reportedly stopped this payment and directed to get another legal opinion from the law ministry.


  1. When NAB becomes a dumping ground for retired khakis and cronies, than such lawsuits will become more frequent. Time to put NAB itself into order.

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