Flour prices not to increase: food minister


A meeting presided by Punjab Chief Secretary Muhammad Javed Aslam decided that the Punjab government would not allow any increase in the price of flour.
Provincial Food Minister Bilal Yasin, food secretary, law secretary and the food director were also present at the occasion. Aslam said that the price of flour would be maintained at all costs and that the 10kg flour bag would be available for Rs 315 in Ramazan bazaars under the Ramazan package while the 20 kg flour bag would be sold for Rs 670 in the open market.
He said that stern action would be taken against elements involved in unjustified increases in flour prices. He said that the Punjab Food department had 4,100,000 metric tons in wheat reserves.
He said that the supply of wheat to flour mills started on October 8 the previous year and this process could be started earlier this year, if needed.
He said that in order to stabilise prices of flour in Punjab, 400,000 metric tons of wheat were being supplied to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from the PASSCO reserves.


  1. Very timely and quick action by the Punjab Chief Secretary over flour.But Mr. Muhammad Javed Aslam is requested to Form Consumers Price Control Committees in every street of Lahore to control prices of basic and general consumable commodities of general public.

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