1,800 profiteers fined during Ramadan


Price checking teams in Islamabad headed by price control magistrates imposed fine of Rs 920,000 on 1,800 profiteers during the month of Ramadan for not displaying rate list of food items at their shops.

The teams on Saturday continued checking and imposed fine worth Rs 37,000 on 69 profiteers for not displaying rate list.

Assistant Commissioner Muhammad Ali conducted price checking in Sector G-7 Sasta Bazaar and imposed fines of Rs 1,900 on six profiteers for not displaying rate of food items. Deputy Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmed has ordered the magistrates to remove stalls involved in profiteering and selling sub-standard food items.

District Food Department and District Health Department, in its drive against food adulteration have fined over 300 food outlets for failing to comply with the food and hygiene laws. Challans have been submitted in the court for prosecution of violators. Over 90 samples of food items have also been taken from food outlets and sent to laboratory for testing. Hotels and bakeries owners have been directed to ensure quality of food and sanitation at the premises, failing which stern action would be taken against the violators.

A number of food outlets which failed to comply with the food law were partially or fully sealed. Similarly, the district Drug Inspector has also conducted over 400 inspections of drug outlets and checking of licenses.

Moreover, four medical stores have been sealed and their licenses have been suspended for contravention of drug rules. Nine stock of un-registered, sub-standard and narcotics drugs were seized during inspection and over 60 samples of drugs taken from drug outlets were sent to laboratory for quality testing.


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