Measles’s increasing trend


Measles cases have increased manifold with 71 cases reported in December last year to 391 in January 2013 and 144 in February according to Free and Far Election report released on Thursday.

Rigorous vaccination and awareness campaign in all parts of the country is aims to prevent the spread of this contagious disease.

FAFEN governance monitors visited 93 District Health Offices (DHOs) in December, 94 in January and 88 in February. The overall disease cases registered a 7 per cent drop in the quarter. As for other viral diseases, 19 per cent more hepatitis cases were recorded in January as 1,748 cases were registered compared to 1,467 the month before. The number went down to 1,215 in February.

Though no probable poliomyelitis case was recorded in December, the succeeding months reported six and three cases respectively. As for AIDS, 36 cases were reported in December, 26 in January and 30 in February.

No case of dengue was recorded in the quarter but cases of malaria went up from 1,100 in December to 4,816 in February, an increase of 338 per cent in a quarter.

Moreover, 90 per cent more snake bites were reported in February (611) than in December (321) while cases of dog bites went up by 27 per cent.