ANF and LEAs solving crime together

  • ANF seizes 110 kg of heroin and arrests five through multinational cooperation

Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) in commitment to its international obligations furnished information to Malaysian LEAs, nabbed a gang and seized 110 kilogrammes (kg) of heroin and arrested 5 individuals.

As per details, information was received that a multinational gang was smuggling heroin from Pakistan to Malaysia and later trans-shipment to China and Vietnam. A joint operation was initiated by ANF, Chinese Police and Royal Malaysian Police to arrest the gang.

Initially Chinese authorities shared certain clues of drug gang in Pakistan, basing on which ANF traced a few evidences. However, detailed investigation revealed presence of Narco-gang in Malaysia. Consequently, ANF shared the information with Malaysian Police which arrested 5 members of the gang and recovered 110 kg of heroin.

In another joint operation on information of ANF, South African authorities arrested a foreign national at land-border of South Africa and Zimbabwe, and recovered of 2.2 kg of heroin from his possession.

ANF, in order to stop drug crime beyond its jurisdiction, has remained engaged in joint operations with multinational LEAs. Earlier such cooperation have resulted in many successful operations in the past. A smuggling bid of 80 kg of heroin was jointly foiled by ANF and LEAs and 11 persons were arrested. One person was arrested at Benin (West Africa) with possession of 127 kg of heroin and West Africa) and 10 Kgs of Heroin,1200 Kgs of Methamphetamine with arrest of 17 persons in Malaysia.

The ANF is maintaining top most seizure record worldwide and current operations speaks unsurpassed devotion of ANF of its pledge in global war against drugs.


32 ARRESTED: Thirty-two people were arrested on Thursday during a search operation carried out by Islamabad Police in different parts of the federal capital.

The police conducted the operation as US Secretary of State John Kerry was visiting the capital for meetings with the country’s top civil and military leadership.

The police also apprehended 48 beggars from various parts of the city and seized 135 motorbikes and 7 cars for failure to produce registration documents.

Kerry had originally planned to spend a few days in the country, but is now expected to spend only a day in the capital. Diplomatic sources said Monday’s attack on a prison in Dera Ismail Khan contributed to the decision to reduce Kerry’s stay in Islamabad.

The city houses the Presidency, the Parliament and the Supreme Court and authorities in the past have also claimed to have foiled attacks on the Parliament which lies adjacent to Aiwan-e-Sadr.

Islamabad has also witnessed terrorist attacks in the past such as the bombing of Marriott Hotel which killed and injured hundreds.


19 OUTLAWS HELD: Rawalpindi police launched a crackdown on Thursday and arrested 19 outlaws and recovered drugs, illegal weapons and bottles of liquor from their possession.

According to police spokesman, Waris Khan Police arrested Qaiser and recovered 105 grams of  charras from his possession while Bani Police held Babar and recovered 110 grams of charras from him.

New Town Police nabbed Imran and recovered 1,025 grams of charras from his possession. Saddar Wah Police arrested Waris and recovered 5 bottles of liquor from him. City Police held Shahbaz and recovered 30 bore pistol along 20 rounds from his possession whereas, Sadiqabad Police recovered 30 bore pistol from Arshad. Westridge Police arrested Shaukat and recovered 30 bore pistol along with 4 rounds from his possession. Saddar Wah Police held Umer Farooq and recovered a 30 bore pistol along with 3 rounds from his possession. Saddar Barooni Police arrested Waqar and recovered 30 bore pistol and 5 rounds from his possession.

Police have registered separate cases against all of them and started investigation.