Mercedes warns it will get stronger


Mercedes has warned its rivals that it expects an even stronger second half to the campaign.

With Lewis Hamilton’s victory in Hungary thrusting the Briton and his Brackley-based team back in to world championship contention, the outfit is knuckling down for a serious title tilt.

Team principal Ross Brawn is aware of the challenges that lay ahead, but he is optimistic that technical developments coming through could give the team an added performance boost to help its quest.

“The team has great spirit at the moment and I know the things that are coming through on the technical front,” said Brawn during an interview on Mercedes’ official YouTube channel.

“Our hit rate has been pretty good on technical innovations this year, and the things we have brought to the track have generally worked.

“We have some things coming up in the next few races that could give us the extra impetus, extra momentum, to take us through the second half of the year.”

Brawn thinks that one of the more encouraging aspects of Mercedes’ current situation is that its momentum has been building in recent races – with Hamilton now the highest scoring driver in the last three races.

“I think the first half of this season can almost be split into two halves – the first five races and the second five races,” he said. “I am very pleased with the second five races

“We have started to pick up momentum and we have started to pick up some strength. We have won three of the last five races and started to convert pole positions in to race results.

“It is far from perfect and we still have a lot to do – but the momentum we have got going into the second half of the season is very strong.”

Brawn also believes that the team is only just starting to unleash the benefits of its partnership with Lewis Hamilton – and that things will improve even more.

“It has taken a little while but I see some great signs and particularly the last few races have been very, very good,” he said.

“It is picking up momentum and starting to move in the right direction. We don’t know where the limit is; we are on a journey with Lewis and we don’t know where the limits are.”