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BHC dissatisfied with police report on SP’s suspension

The Balochistan High Court (BHC) expressed its dissatisfaction over the report produced by the police into the suspension of a superintendent (SP) while hearing a suo motu case on Tuesday.
The two member bench of the BHC comprising Chief Justice Qazi Faez Essa and Justice Muhammad Noor Muskanzai heard the case. The SP was suspended by Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch following a scuffle with Senior Minister Sardar Sanaullah Zehri’s personal guards.
Investigations Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Mubeen Ahmad submitted the report before the court. Upon Qazi’s enquiry into the suspension of any officer from his department, Mubeen denied the claim saying that no notification had been received in this regard.
To another question, he replied that no arms license of Zehri’s guards (the ones who wanted to enter the provincial assembly) had been given to the police department.
The DIG additionally informed the court that Zehri’s guards neither cooperated with the police nor informed the latter about the presence of Levy force guards (in addition to private ones) accompanying the minister.
Qazi directed the police to arrest the guards and interrogate them to which Mubeen replied that the guards could not be arrested by police as they were on bail till August 5.
Qazi told the advocate general that the common people would get a negative message if the legislators themselves broke the law. Furthermore, he instructed Mubeen to carry on his investigation into the case and adjourned the hearing until September 5.

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