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Mamnoon gets PA’s approval too!

PA mamnoonPakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) candidate for presidential slot Mamnoon Hussain remained victorious in Punjab Assembly by securing 309 votes from the house of 371, while his opponent Justice (r) Wajihuddin Ahmed of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) could only get a nod from 23 members of the house.
PPP and PML-Q Punjab chapter, being part of opposition in PA boycotted the presidential election after calling the elections unlawful.
Total six votes, four of the opposition candidate and two of the PML-N candidate, were declared rejected due to some incorrect marking from the lawmakers.
The elections were held at the Punjab Assembly Chamber on Tuesday in which 338 members of the provincial assembly of Punjab casted their votes. The polling continued smoothly from 10am to 3pm as per scheduled time announced by the Elections Commission.
In a house of 371 seats, there are 20 seats vacant while six members of PPP and 7 of PML-Q did not cast their votes in the presidential elections. PTI has total 26 members while the Jamaat-e-Islami has only one seat in the house.
PML-N has 302 MPAs in the provincial assembly. The PML-Z having three seats, BNAP with its one seat and five independents also supported the ruling PML-N candidate thereby making their strength 309.
Chief Justice of Lahore High Court Justice Umar Ata Bandial conducted the presidential elections in the chambers as a presiding officer while the Provincial Election Commissioner Justice (r) Mehboob Anwar, and acting Punjab Assembly Secretary Rai Mumtaz Hussain Babar assisted him as polling officers.
The polling process started after the national anthem, recitation of verses from the Quran and the Naat in the House. Later the Bandial addressed the house briefly and applauded the Punjab Assembly as the house of legislators and a constitutional institution.
He said that he had been privileged by his duty to hold transparent presidential elections. “I am representing here a constitutional institution and I am being honoured acting as presiding officer in PA,” he added.
The chief justice said that legislators were supposed to stand by law and justice in their actions. Complimenting the house of legislators, he further stated that judiciary ensured carrying out and implementing the laws formed by the lawmakers.
During the polling, acting Punjab Governor Rana Iqbal Khan and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif also participated in the polling and casted their votes. Both the representatives of the province came to the polling station for just five to ten minutes and immediately left the premises for their already due engagements.
PML-N member and provincial minister Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan was polling agent from his party’s candidate Hussain while Asif Mehmood represented the opposition’s joint candidate Wajihuddin.
According to the breakup of votes’ formula, number of obtained votes of every candidate in provincial assemblies would be divided on the figure of 65. By this formula PML-N candidate Hussain had gotten 54.21 votes from the provincial assembly of Punjab after getting total 309 votes of the MPAs while Wajihuddin obtained only 4.03 votes as his total score was only 23 in the elections.

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