Hard-earned money of poor wasted: Justice Jawad



The Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday said the hard-earned money of the poor had been wasted on ill-planned projects, as it sought details of the 96th Board of Trustee meeting of Employees Old Age Benefit Institution (EOBI) and information on the conditions investment was made by the institute.

A three-member bench of the SC presided over by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took up the EOBI case for hearing on Wednesday.

The CJP said, “A sum of Rs one billion and 8.7 million was payable by Eden Housing. Robbery was committed on the rights of the poor. Money of the poor was spent and in return a few pieces of paper were handed over to them.”

Justice Jawad S Khawaja remarked that the people deposited money by staying famished, but it was spent in throw-away manner.

Irfan Qadir, counsel for DHA, appeared in court and said that a sum of Rs 260 million had been deposited and the remaining was being deposited.

“The prevailing situation is that the accounts stand frozen and we have to pay the salaries to poor employees. To whom we should talk about it. Please resolve this problem of ours and allow us to pay salaries to the employees out of our accounts,” he prayed.

Eden Housing also made such a request and the court remarked that whoever had to make such a request should file it in writing.

At the inception of hearing, Muhammad Bilal advocate, counsel for EOBI told the court that NESPAK report had not been received so far.

Justice Jawad remarked, “The EOBI matter comes before all. Where is the report? Show this report to us. From where does the money flow into EOBI and where is it spent?”

Ayub Sheikh, the EOBI chairman, told the court that pre-audit system that was abolished by the previous chairman had been restored. “Departmental proceeding has been initiated against the persons found responsible.”

The hearing of the case was later adjourned until today (Thursday).


  1. The ruling elite got billions in loans from banks and then got writ off and became BIG leaders;

  2. Is Chief Justice also taking notice of the Housing societies like Eden Abad, Eden Villa's and Other frauds conducted by the same Eden Housing limited.

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