CDA to take action against BBC, other organisations for violating rules


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to take action against the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and all those organisations, which are using residential units for commercial purpose.

Currently, the BBC, in clear violation of zoning law of the CDA, is housed in a residential unit in Islamabad’s sector F-7/3. Under zoning law, residential units cannot be used for commercial purpose. However, BBC and some other local and multinational companies are flouting the CDA’s by-laws.

The CDA has now decided to get the residential areas vacated from the BBC and others.

“We have been issuing warning notices to all those who are violating CDA laws. Once the process is completed, we will begin an operation against the BBC and other violators,” said CDA spokesman Naeem Rauf.

He said after completing the legal process, the BBC would be directed to shift its bureau office from sector F/7 to some other commercial location.

The presence of BBC office in a residential sector is a serious security risk to the inhabitant of the area and for its own employee as well.

A source in CDA told Pakistan Today that CDA high-ups had decided to give some relaxation to BBC during the ongoing month of Ramadan. However, “after Eid there will be no relaxation for anyone whether it is BBC or someone else”.

When contacted, BBC Islamabad Admin Officer Shiraz said they did not receive any warning letter from the CDA. Asked as to why, in clear violation of the CDA rules, the BBC had set up their office in a residential area, the admin officer declined to comment and asked Pakistan Today to contact a senior journalist of BBC for a detailed version, who could not be approached despite repeated attempts.


  1. BBC Urdu Service is being run like an underworld. It is just tip the tip of the iceberg. One can't imagine what is going on there. The sole objective of head of BBC Urdu Service is to promote a few females at the cost of British taxpayers' money. He tried to use females to make BBC Urdu TV programme sairbeem successful, but he could not achieve this objective. More jimmy Saviles in making in BBC.

  2. I have heard a few girls are very close to BBC Urdu Service chief and he can go to any extent to make them happy. He has ruined the Service because of those girls. BBC Urdu Service has become something else since the present section took the charge as its head.

  3. We feel threatened because of BBC office in our area. CDA should ensure that BBC vacates the building as soon as possible and let us leave in peace. We are also concerned about hashish being used in the premises of BBC office. We wanted to complain many a times , but we came to know that BBC Urdu Head uses it when he come from London. Civil society of Islamabad should raise up against such activities in residential areas.

  4. This time CDA will take action against the non conforming use in capital after Eid for sure and i agree with Aysha BBC office in residential area is not safe for locals livin there the CDA carried out operation on non confirming use of residential buildings in this FEB 2013 but after some time this campaign got stopped the civic body is reluctant to take action against guest houses in islamabad since they are run by influential people. well its going to be challange for the CDA to take action against non conforming use lets see how things will work out any ways .

  5. Cyma

    I too support Aysha's point. CDA should wake up and force BBC to vacate building as it is a constant threat to locals. I wonder why organisations like BBC are using unscrupulous practices. We are living in a constant fear because of BBC's office as last year BBC staff suddenly abandoned office for weeks due to threats and left the local residents to take the brunt of the threat.

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