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Punjab govt vows to resolve CNG sector problems

The government of Punjab has assured to resolve all outstanding problems of the CNG industry including the inequitable distribution of gas, misuse of natural gas and violation of laws by different departments.

The assurance came in a meeting held on the directives of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. The meeting was chaired by MNA Pervaiz Malik and attended by Energy Minister Chaudhary Sher Ali, the energy secretary and other officials.

All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) was represented by Ghiyas Paracha, Abid Hayat, Captn (r) Shuja, Fayaz Gillani, Anjum Niaz and Ashar Haleem.

During the meeting, the leaders of the CNG sector pointed towards elements involved in the theft, misuse and unauthorised use of natural gas. They said that those wanting to generate electricity through gas should have separate meters for it.

Paracha said that the CNG sector was being destroyed due to the unjust gas distribution, extended load shedding and the violation of rules and regulations by different departments.

He said that gas sale agreements had been openly violated knowing that the CNG industry has no alternative. He said the situation in Punjab was horrible where owners of 2,200 CNG filling stations were on the brink of collapse and needed to be attended urgently.

Paracha said that the transport authorities had been harassing two million vehicle owners including 800,000 public transport vehicles on one pretext or other which needed to be stopped.

Demanding announcement of a 10-year CNG policy, he said that the government should include CNG operators in the process of LNG import or help them import it to manage the energy crisis.

MNA Malik assured all out support to the representatives of the CNG sector saying that government would not allow anyone to hurt any business and that it would provide level playing field to all.

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  1. Asadullah Bhatti said:

    PMLN has highlighted the CNG issue in their elections, but after the Govt. conditions has become worst rather than any betterment what a common man was accepting, I think if the Govt. stick and take not action on better supply ( alteast 5 days in a week ) then we shall protest and asked them to decrease the prices of Petrol by waiving the tax called "levy" imposed by Zardari Govt.

  2. Umar khattab dogar said:

    What is different between PMLN or PPP govt. if they are using same restrictions or ban on a sector which is not only for CNG station owners but also on comman man as every business or pvt. Persons using this on daily bases.
    Transport sector using CNG allows comparativly less fares collection from general public from other energy sources.
    On one side you are raising petrol prices in few month and on other side ban or shutter down of CNG sations means you are not giving any RELEIF to comman man.
    Transporters are harrased by RTA, traffic police, PUnjab police and same other department during last 6 months without any written orders and how they suffer last 6 month olnly they knows. After 6 month ban a good news came with uncertain situation shutt down or not and now its the end of a new start.

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