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PIA employees welcome aviation adviser’s resignation

PIA’s employees welcomed the decision of Shujaat Azeem tendering his resignation as the prime minister’s advisor on aviation, and demanded the government to appoint a competent and honest aviation expert to revive the industry and national flag carrier.
Peoples’ Unity CBA President Hidayat Khan said that the resignation of Azeem had brought hope among the industry’s stakeholders who were pessimistic about the future of both the aviation industry and the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) in the country.
Hidayat said that Azeem was not only possessed dual nationality but had also been court-martialled from the armed forces which had raised doubts over his loyalty to Pakistan. Azeem’s commercial involvement in the construction of the Islamabad airport and his efforts to lease an aircraft without floating a tender as per PPRA rules had also poised questions over his credibility, he said. He was also part of an airport service providing company which was a direct conflict of interest, Hidayat added.
Furthermore, Hidayat said that the appointment of Azeem had not only caused resentment within PIA officials, but it had also dented the government’s reputation in front of aviation experts and other stakeholders. Hidayat suggested the government to appoint an aviation expert having a sound professional track-record of working with the aviation industry globally.
He added that the government should investigate the professional history of the candidates which must not conflict with the personal and commercial interests.
Moreover, Hidayat said that the government should immediately rollout a comprehensive aviation policy to protect PIA as the national flag carrier had been amidst a severe financial crisis due to poor management.
“PIA officials in all departments would cooperate with the government, provided these employees were taken onboard and were involved in consultation process,” he said.

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  1. Raju said:

    Where was Mr Hidayat when under PPP the airline was robbed of its revenues, and billions siphoned off in procurement of spare parts, while matriculates appointed as Director HR and Administration, while over 790 fake degree holders and over 2800 dual nationality holders involved in massive pilferage.

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