ITP educates road users


Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) educated 400 people about traffic laws and road safety tips who visited its office during the last two days to attain driving licenses.

According to details, lectures on road signs and safety tips for accident free drive were delivered to those obtaining ‘learning driving licenses’.

The main focus of this exercise is to educate motorists for behaving responsibly on roads and to ensure their protection by urging them to follow traffic rules in letter and spirit.

Various teams of ITP in addition to routine duty staff are helping with the routine to inculcate better traffic sense among the public along with making them aware of rules. ITP is focusing to curb driving of un-registered vehicles, one-wheeling, under age driving, driving without licenses and ensuring lane discipline. ITP’s education teams and Fm Radio 92.4 are also running the campaign to ensure maximum awareness.

SSP (Traffic) Dr Moeen Masood has said that ITP is making best efforts to ensure road discipline in the city and involving the community to achieve the desired targets.