Multiple blasts in Parachinar kill 42, injure over 100


At least 42 people were killed and more than 100 injured in three bombings across Parachinar, headquarters of Kurram Agency, on Friday.

The bombs were planted in motorbikes and were reportedly detonated remotely in the Shingak Bazaar and in Zeran area, killing several people on the spot and injuring dozens others.

Residents from the nearby markets rushed to help shift the injured and bodies to the ParachinarHeadquartersHospital, where two of the injured succumbed to injuries. An emergency was declared in the hospital.

At least three of the injured were reported to be in a critical condition.

Earlier on Friday, two people were killed when a roadside-planted bomb hit a passenger vehicle in Kurram in the afternoon.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks so far.





  1. Nawaz Sharif, when you are going to start talks with your friends? I think instead of wasting time in talks, just surrender and accept supermacy of Mullah Omer in Pakistan. So your promise at the garve of Zia will be fulfilled.

  2. Another day, another bombing…when oh when is Pakistan going to wake up and realize it is in a war with Islamic extremists!!, it is always Islamic extremists, sometimes they kill government workers, sometimes they just kill other Muslims of a different sect, but it is always Islamic extremists…Islam is out of control, or perhaps there has never been any control over the misinterpretations of the Koran that lead radicals to kill in the name of Islam…this is the real source of the problem and it must be solved by Muslims for the good of Muslims and all the rest of the people in the world who have to see this carnage it has produced…

  3. Terrorists continuous to blood bath country and till now government doing nothing to curb terrorism.Civil forces completely failed to maintain peace in country especially police which is primary responsible for maintaining peace but police its self involved in most of crimes and even link with militants.If primary force is polluted with corruption , politics and some have link with militants then how can peace possible in country?.Special counter terrorism unit and forces is need of hour which should deal with terrorism without any pressure and interference and it should consists of honest ,well trained personals trained by army and equipped with modern technology and weapon.Without special terrorism force peace in country is not possible.

  4. The imp0tent cowards of TTP/LeJ/Jandullah are flexing muscles against the unarmed civilians. A gift of Zia to the nation. This cancer needs to be eliminated from its roots.

  5. pakistan a failed state,now ruling by terrorist,,the most dangerous place on earth.terrorist capital of world.everyday bombing in this holy month also,country facing financial crisis,energy crisis all credit goes to politicians,,we must think why this is happening in muslim countries only.religion is for peace ,love..not for violence..

  6. this vicious circle of violence will never end till the rulers of this country stop being slaves to their takfiri masters.Only when sincere people are in the seats of power these murders of innocent people will stop.whether it is zardari, gilani or even nawaz all they are interested is in power,loss of innocent lives means nothing to them!pakistan is a corrupt bandit uncivilised country for with such large law enforcement agencies they cannot bring the perpetrators of these atrocities to justice!This is all happening internally and they have no control over the events, how would they be able to defend the country , were the threat from external sources!

  7. Islam is at stake..!
    Things have gone beyond control. The silence of the top brass has sprouted the atrocity at its best..! Feel sorry for deceased ones..!

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