Chief commissioner visits land record project site


The Islamabad chief commissioner on Wednesday visited the Land Record Management Information System Project at Bhara Kahu. The Islamabad deputy commissioner also accompanied him. They were briefed on the progress of project by the ADC (Revenue) Islamabad Farasat Ali Khan. The project has been launched by the ICT Administration with the objective of bringing the revenue record online and to maintain and disburse it in a transparent manner, in line with the avowed aims of good governance. The project aims at providing improved land management, local planning and make revenue record transparent and accessible online. The other benefits of the project include the usage of computerised land record data to identify and launch economic and other social sector initiatives. The project has been planned in two phases – pilot phase and final phase. The implementation methodology follows the processes of inspection and scanning of revenue record, data entry, validation, inconsistency check, entry of mutation and incorporating the fard badars. In the pilot phase the revenue record to mauzas namely Jandala and Rihara will be launched next month. Necessary amendments in the law/rules have already been proposed. Four service centers have been proposed at Bhara Kahu, Shah Allah Ditta, Sihala and Tarlai. The project would facilitate the public in matters relating to land revenue and would also reduce litigation. The chief commissioner expressed his satisfaction over the progress and directed the officials to adhere to project timeline for its completion early next year.