Anti-corruption commences enquiry on prodigious illegal public land transactions Khairpur


The Enquiries and Anti-Corruption Establishment started an enquiry to determine the government servants of revenue department, influential personnel and others who had illegally transacted valuable government lands worth of millions of rupees on the basis of fake documents in Khairpur District’s Taluka Nara.

“Severe action would be taken against the individuals involved in these illegal transactions,” a statement issued by the Sindh information department on Thursday revealed.

The statement said that different teams had been constituted particularly for this purpose, and that the alleged personnel would be arrested after cases were registered against them.

Until now, the enquiry conducted revealed that during the last 10 years 6,665 acres of land had been illegally allotted to 267 individuals in Deh Registan Jubo.

Moreover, government lands totaling to 1,038 acres in various Dehs of Taluka Nara had been fraudulently charged under the names of various private personnel, and were thereafter sold out to OMV & ENI Gas companies for crores of rupees. This resulted in losses of billions of rupees for the government.