Revenue officer suspended over public complaints


Chief Commissioner Islamabad has ordered the suspension of Revenue Officer (Patwari) Riaz Shahof Phulgran due to complaints made against him by the public.

Responding to the complaints of the general public, regarding misuse of power by the revenue officials the Chief Commissioner has directed revenue officers to ensure good governance and best practices in disposal of revenue matters. He also instructed all the officers to improve public service and maintain a system of check and balance and ensure compliance with procedural requirements.

The chief also directed the officers to submit their monthly tour plan (confirmation of mutation) with exact date, time and location on the first of every month. The summary of all mutations confirmed by each revenue officer will be sent to the chief’s office on the next day, along with the contact numbers of sellers and buyers.

This will assist the senior officers in Islamabad Capital Territory administration to contact the public with a view to obtain their feedback and take corrective measures. Any complaint against officials will be dealt with strictly and disciplinary proceedings shall be initiated against the

officers found guilty.