Police nab 118 alleged criminals in 72 hours


Police continued their drive against criminal elements in the metropolis, arresting 118 suspects on Monday.
A police statement said that the arrested included eight proclaimed offenders. The statement also mentioned the recovery of a considerably large amount of arms and ammunition of varying calibres from the suspects. Furthermore, sources said that five people were killed in various incidents of crime in the metropolis during the last 24 hours. One of the dacoits lost his life resisting dacoits while three were killed owing to a clash between two groups. Another two also perished in a cracker attack.


  1. we only get to know as to how many have been arrested – well that a good start to begin arresting but what happens of them ?? has anyone been even trialed hanged sentenced to jail for anytime at all?? in the past years hundreds and hundreds have been arrested merely I guess in the thousands since 2010 till now but any follow up on the media as to how many were jailed or sentenced. most importantly there is no current Red Book for the most wanted Killers , Traffickers , Smugglers who are at large along with their pictures and names. Post them on walls at bus stations airports hospitals train stations put a 4 or 5 digit number to text on , the most wanted picture should even have a code for example 2987 ( for a name) (and picture) and a cell number or PS number to call so that the concerned officers patrolling the area will be quick to response and put a price on the head of the criminals for motivation. But system set up for this can be done or should be , clean out the corruption within the PS , develop a system of patrolling proper hiring on merits of officers rather than having a bribe price for hiring as its but obvious anyone paying for their positions will just be an extra brain and hand aiding and abetting with the criminals. all this could just be water on a ducks back but I believe someone should share some ideas as it is very easy to criticize but if these extortions and all the worlds un thought off crime is going on than people are merely compelled to criticize.

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