Nawaz’s Saudi trip in jeopardy due to presidential polls



Prime Minister Nawz Sharif’s trip to Saudi Arabia is once again in jeopardy and could be delayed due to presidential elections in Pakistan, party sources confided.

Nawaz was due to visit Saudi Arabia on his first official visit after becoming prime minister towards the later part of the holy month of Ramadan. Besides engaging the top Saudi leadership, Nawaz was scheduled to spend the night of 27th Ramadan in Mecca, sources disclosed.

“The visit seems to have coincided with presidential election which is being held towards the end of Ramadan, making it difficult for the prime minister to execute the visit as planned,” claimed sources.

Nawaz was expected to visit the Kingdom soon after becoming the prime minister. He was due to perform Umrah there after his thumping victory in the May 11 election.

Later, it was declared that he would pay visit to Saudi Arabia in June. But instead of going there, Nawaz picked China as the venue for his first visit abroad. To facilitate the visit, Saudi ambassador too was quite active. He even visited Saudi Arabia prior to Nawaz’s expected visit there.

Diplomatic sources say Nawaz’s preference for China might not have sat well with the Saudi government, which has high expectations of the new Pakistani leadership.

Again, Saudis expected Pakistan to change its foreign policy on international issues to bring it closer to the position adopted by the former.

But contrary to expectations, it remained business as usual in Pakistan. The Saudis feel that there is hardly any departure in the policy from what has been observed in the last five years, a foreign policy expert said.

Again, Pakistan’s position on Egypt and Syria is not yet clear, let alone toeing the Saudi line.

Among diplomatic circles, it is believed that the Saudi government wields a great influence over Pakistani leadership, especially the Sharifs.

Sharifs also enjoy very close ties with present set up in the Kingdom. But so far, both sides are quiet and watchful.

Meanwhile, the government has requested the Election Commission not to hold presidential polls in Ramadan due to preoccupation of parliamentarians, but the ECP has flatly turned down the request.



  1. HE HAD TO GO THERE TO COLLECT ZAKAT.Ramadan is the month when begging business thrives .

    • He along with ECP +Judicial officers who allowed him become PM despite criminal cases needs to be tried for treason; He has sold the country

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