KWSB to act against companies producing substandard mineral water


Karachi Water & Sewerage Board’s (KWSB) managing director expressed his concern on the mushrooming of bogus and substandard mineral water companies in plain view of Pakistan Standard Quality Authority (PSQCA).
He said that it was PSQCA’s responsibility to inspect and certify imported as well as local food products. They are the only ones who can take action against poor quality products, including mineral water and other edibles. The managing director said that in the absence of any PSQCA action, the KWSB had contacted its director, Shabbir who despite making tall claims failed to act against the individuals flouting the PSQCA’s regulations.
It is indeed worrisome that the provincial metropolis, being a business hub is now held hostage by these below-standard products, said the KW&SB managing director. However, PSQCA took some steps to deal with this evil but not enough to bring down the organised rackets. It was hence vital for the PSQCA, Department of Health and KW&SB to carry out a joint drive for public safety.
KWSB sources said that bogus mineral water companies not only put citizens at risk but also violated KWSB tariff by stealing water from utility lines through illegal connections leading to billions of rupees in revenue loss. KWSB MD requested higher authorities to take notice of the matter and cancel all licenses of the companies in conflict with regulation.
He said that KWSB teams have raided such entities in the past and during the operation 14 fake mineral water companies were brought down and more than 60 illegal connections were disconnected.
The MD said cases would be registered against the cons in their respective police stations. Furthermore, the KWSB MD directed revenue officers to continue operations against fake mineral water companies and requested citizens to steer clear of the menace by informing KWSB of such items at the earliest by dialing camp office at 99245155, 99244595-6 saying that the names of the informants would not be disclosed.


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