‘Dil Apna Preet Parai’ rules the airwaves


Serial continues Pakistani hegemony over television shows
The new drama on air is ‘Dil Apna Preet Parai’. Such a long name speaks volumes and it is quite evident that this too is a love story filled with deceit, sacrifice and nature’s way of bringing people together only to tear them apart again.
This is a story that links three different women from varying backgrounds together. Though each one is poles apart from the other, their stories interlink and make them cross paths.
The three protagonists are Maria Wasti, Ayesha Omer and Beenish Chauhan. Maria Wasti plays the character of Sukaina – a woman who is released after spending fourteen years in prison. Her crime is a heinous one and she even confesses of murder though it is still not clear whose life she took. Sukaina is a role model for all the prisoners and is awarded a premature release because of her good behavior. She rushes out with the aim to find her parents and ask for their forgiveness but sadly finds out that the two of them passed away years ago. She also had a sister who is now living under a different name. She then sets out to look for her lost sibling.
Ayesha Omer plays Alina, the second protagnost. Like her character in Tanhai, here too she is shown as a successful business woman who has little time for her own children. It seems that success has gotten to her head and she doesn’t care for anyone, not even her own children. According to her, even her husband is jealous of her success. Her children are brought up by the grandmother who passes away only to leave Ahson, Alina’s husband in charge. He quits soon after because taking care of children requires time, something that both husband and wife don’t have.
Alinas house help is the third rung in this ladder. Beenish Chauhan plays the character of Aleena’s maid daughter who for some reason does not like rich people at all. She is especially put off by Alina and her family and pressurizes her mother (played by Rubina Ashraf) to move out of the house. Her mother is a loyal servant and will not give in to her daughter’s demands but somehow this demand is an odd one. Why would she ask her mother to leave the job that brings in the family’s bread and butter?
The story might be interesting but this soap lacks the same things most other local soaps do too. For one, Maria Wasti is the only strong actor in the show. Ayesha Omar too does a good job but then again, her character is not too demanding. Sohail Sameer might look good dressed up in suits on the ramp but acting is something that does not come naturally to him.
‘Dil Apna Pareet Parai’ has been written by Sameena Nazir, directed by Ramish Rizvi and produced by Eveready Pictures. As far as soaps go, this is a promising one which has set off to a good start and if the pace and quality is maintained, there might just be something good for those who like to watch daily soaps. Thankfully, the story does not revolve around family politics which in its self makes for a very promising start.


  1. Dil apna aur preet prayi, this is according to the writer 'such a long name' . Well he perhaps does not know that this is the name of one of the golden jubilee films that was produced by Kamal Amrohi, the husband of late Meena Kumari who played the heroine in the film opposite Raj Kumar. All its songs are still remembered.

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