DHA’s two-week registration campaign from July 29


Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi is undertaking a two-week registration campaign from July 29 to record the details of all the houses and commercial units located in the housing authority.
A statement, issued here on Tuesday, said that the registration process was meant to maintain a data base to help in improving the overall security environment in the area.
The housing and commercial units in DHA would be registered along with the essential details of their owners and occupants, including the information of the servants and employees working/residing in these units.
Foreign Embassies located in the area would only be required to furnish details of the local employees working there.
A large number of teams have been constituted for this purpose.
The extensive exercise would entail going from door to door in the designated areas.
The team members in the first phase would distribute printed registration forms and subsequently collect the duly filled forms with relevant data back after two days.
The team members would have proper identification cards issued by the DHA.
Preparations for launching the registration campaign were in full swing.
During the campaign, the data provided would be kept confidential and would not be used for any other purpose, it was further pointed out.
The DHA Administrator Brig Muhammad Abdullah described the initiation of registration campaign as a significant step towards creating better security environment in DHA.
He had asked the residents to extend their maximum support and cooperation in making the campaign a success.