Arrest me if you can: Gilani



Former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said he had come to Islamabad himself because it was being said that the Punjab government was not cooperating in his arrest.

Talking to reporters on Tuesday, he said, “I have come to Islamabad by myself, and if someone wants to arrest me he can do it. It will also save expenses,” he added.

The former PM said he would not produce himself in front of any institution.

He said he defended the immunity of President Asif Ali Zardari and would also fully defend himself.

“Only parliament has the authority to summon me,” he concluded.

The former prime minister said he had heard that the Punjab government was facing difficulties in his arrest so he had come to Islamabad.

Commenting on his becoming the PM, Gilani said, “I asked the president not to bring me forth, as Adiyala Jail is not far from the PM House, however, when President Zardari insisted, I was left with no choice other than taking charge of the Prime Minister’s Office.”

Gilani said that he had completed the sentence for his cases prior to taking charge as the prime minister and had been acquitted in cases.

To a question, he said the courts wanted to rule the country.


  1. “To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency; to forgive them is cruelty.”
    ― Maximilien de Robespierre

  2. This is an open threat to the govt and law enforcement agencies. Lets see how they react. My guess: Nothing will happen.

    • 100% Agreed yeh India nahee hay jo minister ko bhee arrest kar laytay hane.Kune grifter karay ga, girfter kanay waly bhee…………..

  3. They will not arrest him because the jails are full and there is a NO VACANY board hung on the door. Also, he is no big deal and after arresting, what can be done with him.

  4. Let's promptly arrest this thief and his family. Gilani and family looted the poor people of Pakistan like no one else.

  5. He and his family are a disgrace to any dignified society. One can see his moustach has already lost black colour and soon he may have to colour his whole face with that colour.But that does not bother persons like this baffoon.All he wants is money.His sons and wife had opened offices to mint money by using the PM office clout.I think he should not be given any attention.

  6. Gilani Sahab you know very well that no one will arrest you. "Sir G TUSI KHAO PEO MAZAY URAO BARAY ITMINAN KEY SATH."

  7. They shouldn't just arrest you, they should also hang you. You and your family all crooks.

  8. Whether or not he will be arrested is a matter of law about which I am as ignorant as many of us, but the tone and tenure of his statements are quite indecent and highly unbecoming of a person who, to our collective bad luck, had been made to hold the position of prime minister.

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