A toast to the queen of pop: Faraz Wakar’s musical tribute to Nazia Hasan


‘Imagineer’ — an experimental music film based on Nazia Hassan’s music — imagined, Faraz Waqar has produced and directed the music film as a tribute to Nazia Hasan, which has been shot entirely in UAE and involves an international team of models, actors, cinematographers and editors from India, UAE, Switzerland, Nigeria, Palestine and Kazakhstan. Faraz hopes that Nazia’s fans as well as her family and friends will appreciate this personal tribute to the magic of her evergreen music. Faraz is a new Pakistani filmmaker, a graduate of the New York Film Academy, whose short film ’9:11 am’ in the year 2012 was one of the only two films from Pakistan that were presented for their world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. ’9:11 am’ was also presented later the same year in Pakistan at the Gandhara Film Festival in Karachi and at the South Asian Film Festival (MOSAIC) in Canada. His achievement received extensive coverage in press and TV media in Pakistan.


  1. Of course she deserves such a tribute as she was the most beautiful voice of her time. With her personal charm she was one of the best. We really miss her having lost her in her prime.

  2. Nazia was a great singer and very talented with her sweet voice she was definately the best singer in Subcontinent.

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