ITP ruthlessly fining motorists


The Interior Ministry directed Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) to improve the traffic discipline in the city, but the prime focus of the police seems to be issuing tickets.

Initially, the ITP launched a week-long traffic management campaign on June 22 to educate the people about traffic rules and safe driving.

After the completion of the campaign the traffic wardens have allegedly started another drive to mint money by issuing tickets of hefty amounts to motorists for even minor violations. With the Eid festival approaching it seems the wardens are more interested in making 25 per cent share on every ticket issued. It was learnt that if violators argue the amount of the fine is increased.

For many visitors, the Zero Point interchange has become a trap. There are no sign boards on the Kashmir Highway to guide those coming from Peshawar Mor and wanting to reach Sector G-7. As they are unaware of using the specific U-turn, they are issued tickets by the policemen waiting at Zero Point intersection.

The situation is no different around Blue Area and Faizabad during peak hours. The police are found to be present at all pickets during peak hours stressing on issuing tickets and not regulating, educating or warning the drivers. The policemen also hamper the traffic flow while trying to stop the vehicles.

At the time of inception of the force in 2006, the officials were specifically instructed to be polite with the violators. However, the officials seem to have forgotten this directive and instead reverted to being extremely rude with the motorists, particularly motorcyclists.

Another problem within the force is the culture of nepotism. Those performing desk jobs are not deployed on roads due to their close ties with the high-ups.

The people have urged the new Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Sikandar Hyat, who is likely to assume charge of office on Monday, to take notice of the situation. Reshuffling within the ITP especially at driving schools and driving test authorities is necessary. Some blue-eyed officials have been allegedly occupying their position for years.


FINES IMPOSED: The City Traffic Police (CTP) under its special campaign against under-age drivers has impounded 215 vehicles and motorcycles in various police stations.

The police also issued 6,478 challan tickets and imposed fines worth Rs 2.8 million on those violating traffic rules.

The Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Superintendent Police (SP) Ishtiaq Shah said, “The police are taking strict action against the traffic rules violators to ensure smooth flow of traffic on the roads.” Action in accordance with the law is also being taken against double parking at Murree Road and illegal parking on Mall Road, Peshawar Road and in Raja Bazaar, he added.

He informed that 1,496 drivers were given challans for double parking and wrong parking while 1,268 under-age drivers and 3,614 drivers without driving licenses were also fined.

The CTO urged the people to cooperate with traffic wardens as their aim is to facilitate the public by ensuring traffic discipline. “A special squad is available to help and facilitate the citizens on Helpline 1915,” he added.


  1. The ITP receives 50% OF THE fines collected by it. 25% goes to the ITP as cash and the balance is transferred to the welfare account which shall used for their welfare. the balance 50% is transferred to Govt Kity.

  2. Enhanced GST, and a raise in petrol prices was the first gift of PMLN govt to the people of Pakistan.
    Now comes unjust sudden fines by ITP to the motorists of Islamabad. This is extremely unfair and highhandedness on the part of ITP.I was fined (300) for driving in the extreme right lane for 10 seconds, Hundreds of vehicles drive in that lane on a regular basis,as city traffic can not afford to keep the right lane empty. ITP is stealing money out of the pockets of poor people. IGP, SSP, Chief Justice Islamabad,and Interior minister MUST take notice of this high handedness by ITP.

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