Pakistan Steel starts producing 30mw electricity


The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) Saadat Cheema announced that Pakistan Steel has started producing 28 to 30 megawatts (MW) of electricity from its own resources.
He was addressing a meeting here at his office on Saturday. The CEO said that the management of PSM should make efforts to increase the current production capacity. He said that the PSM enjoyed the status of a backbone in the economy of the country and we all should work together for its revival and rehabilitation. Pakistan Steel is a national asset and all institutions must cooperate for its revival, he added.
The meeting was apprised of the current situation of the corporation. The CEO was further apprised that the administration of Pakistan Steel had gone to all possible extents with the KESC for the restoration of electricity, but sadly the stubborn and adamant behavior of KESC administration had increased the miseries of Pakistan Steel.
Despite the payment of Rs 250 million to KESC it had not yet restored the high voltage 132 KV line which had further added insult to the injuries of the PSM.
The administration also informed the CEO regarding the media trial and non-serious attitude of KESC. During the meeting, a letter was also written to KESC CEO by PSM CEO requesting to immediately restore electricity to PSM.
The letter also contained the payment schedule proposed by the PSM to KESC.


  1. Its a good act for the bright future of Pakistan. How long it will be proceed it depends. Due to electric break down issues our economy already faced much loss.

  2. You have got to be kidding me. KESC should restore power after getting paid 25 percent of Outstanding dues. Wake Up CEO of Pakistan Steel. You are the biggest Steel mill in the Country and you are acting like a Mom and Pop store run on credit. Stop wasting money by lavishly spending on travel and board. Pay for services and run you mill efficiently.

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