India accuses ISI of spying Rashtrapati Bhavan


Pakistani spies have been calling up Rashtrapati Bhawan, the ministry of defence, the army headquarters and other highly sensitive offices by using call spoofing software in an effort to get information, Hindustan Times quoted intelligence sources as having said.
Sources said in the past few months, agents of Pakistani spy agency, ISI, tried to gather information from Rashtrapati Bhawan and other highly sensitive offices. There was a need to remain alert when officials in sensitive organisations spoke to unknown persons, they advised.
Intelligence officials say that ISI operatives are using call spoofing software to make the calls. These numbers start as 2301 or 2309 to indicate that the calls are from some government office at Raisina Hill.
On February 21, immediately after the Dilsukhnagar blasts in Hyderabad, a person claiming to be a Major Ajay Sharma from ‘MI-3’ had contacted the NSG headquarters.
The calls were further directed to the NSG office in Hyderabad. During the call, the officer on duty had given away some details about the deployment of the NSG team from Hyderabad at the blast site. Sources say an ISI official by the name of Mohammad Tasleem was behind the incident.