Flood in Nullah Dek near Pasrur inundates several villages


Several villages were submerged due to high flood in Nullah Dek near Pasrur on Saturday.

Standing crops were inundated with floodwater while residents of nearby localities moved to safer places.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, there was high flood in river Jhelum near Mangla.

River Chenab attained high flood at various places, including Marala, Khanki and Qadirabad.

Water in the River Kabul increased to a middle-level flood at Nowshera.

Torrential rains during the next two to three days could increase the flood threat, Chief Meteorologist Malik Riaz said.

Water level in Mangla Dam currently stood at 1,516 feet whereas in Tarbela the level was recorded at 1,202 feet.


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