Durrani for uplifting the Afghan child


The ambitious Tehmina Durrani is all up to make the world aware of the children of the Afghan War and has announced to raise the flag of peace at the Pak-Afghan border.
Speaking at her book launch recently she termed it a ‘symbolic gesture’ the people of Pakistan could give to the Afghan child.
“It has taken a lifetime of observation, reflection, isolation and the last twelve years of writing ‘Happy Things in Sorrow Times’, for me to know for certain that the only way to secure the future of the world against the threat of terrorism is for us to unite and demand from the world leadership the security and rehabilitation of the children of war,” says Durrani.
She further said that the world leadership could not be allowed to walk away from the consequences of a war they thought was the answer to peace and leave behind an entire generation in mental trauma.
“Peace that the world leadership tried to achieve through the war on terror has endangered the world forever. There are enough dysfunctional, deprived, heartbroken, unemployed, crippled, maimed and starving people in this part of the world to add an entire new generation to that pool,” she said Further elaborating on her plan to go about it, she said they will ask the world to contribute ‘one rupee, one riyal, one dollar’ to build an international citizens’ pool to enable them to take matters in their own hands.
She pressed upon the citizens of the entire globe to take part in the movement to restore the lives of the invisible children of the Afghan War. She also said that the movement for the restoration of judiciary in the recent past has been witnessed which brought the hope that a similar struggle can be had for this cause as well. “My book is an insight into the minds of those children. I know it is a mammoth goal, but I also know it is achievable,” she added.


  1. To dear Ms Durrani
    I am delighted to watch your interview on g news and further delighted by your true and accurate account of the roots and causes of Afghan conflict and western betrayal of Afghan nation after the defeat of Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

    I completely agree with you on your views about the root causes of extremism and how the children of the two nations are dragged into the cancer of modern society "terrorism" ; a phenomenon created to serve the interest of particular group or block.

    It is interesting to know that my family knew more about you than I did. Hereafter, I compelled by my instincts to read your books because we share some values and principles.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a facebook or twitter account to be able to communicate with you. I am writing this with the hope that it finds its way to you.

    kind regards
    Abdulmalik Bahaar
    London, United Kingdom
    [email protected]

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