ECP refuses to conduct LG polls by September 15




The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Friday refused conducting Local government elections by September 15.

Per media reports, the ECP expressed failure and stated that it would not be possible to conduct four elections at a time.

Sources in the ECP said the ECP had to conduct by-elections on August 22, Presidential elections on August 6, while cantonment elections had been announced to be held in September.

Therefore, due to tough working schedule, it was nearly impossible for the commission to conduct the LG polls until September 15.





  1. I bet the Presidential elections get delayed because,well PML-N wants it that way,they are in power,they will get whats in their best interest all the while anything important for the people of Pakistan is not all that important,its all about staying in power and the party.Its the Pakistani way,people get nothing but lies and the politicians and wealthy get everything.

    • eh u stupid man u r also pakistani if u r like your comments dont put others like that….

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