Telenor Pakistan’s CSR initiative to enhance youth development


Telenor Pakistan has recently renewed its agreement with Environment Protection Department (EPD), Punjab to continue to feature the global countdown game at Children Library Complex (CLC), Lahore. The gaming machine, which was first introduced in 2009 has helped increase awareness for environment and ICTs in students from more than 100 public schools and has also enhanced their communication and decision making skills. The contract extension ceremony took place at Children Library Complex (CLC), which is also responsible for organizing the student visits for this game. Global Countdown, a role play strategy game, was developed by Telenor Norway ASA in 2005. The initiative is aimed at enhancing the outreach of ICT tools in public schools and empowering the young through ethical and interactive role-play. The audience of the game is expected to scale-up to numerous public schools in Lahore over the next few years. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Aslam Hayat, Vice President Corporate Affairs, Telenor Pakistan said “Telenor Pakistan believes that the telecom industry has the power to transform society, which is why we pursue corporate responsibility as an important part of our operations in close liaison with the Government. Global countdown is one such initiative which empowers the youth through ethical and interactive role-playing and thereby augments our efforts to maximize the positive impact of telecommunications, create shared value for the society and help shape a sustainable future for all”.