Lack of parking in markets perturbs Eid shoppers


Shoppers in the federal capital are facing numerous problems due to lack of parking facilities in various commercial areas. The shoppers do not have any option but to park their vehicles on the roadside, particularly at G-7 Markaz, G-9 Markaz, Aabpara Market, Melody, Jinnah Super Market and other commercial areas. The wrongly parked vehicles create problems for the smooth flow of traffic besides posing security threats to shoppers at the bazaars. Moreover, numerous stalls have been set up by some shopkeepers in front of their shops or they have rented out the space to part-time businessmen to earn extra money. Adding to the troubles of the shoppers, the illegal pushcarts are ever present on roadsides in various markets leading to further congestion at parking places. A motorist, Rehan Khan said the parking of vehicles at Karachi Company and Aabpara market was mental torture for the shoppers, especially before Iftar. Another motorist, Nauman said if there were a proper parking arrangement, no one would park vehicles along the road. Encroachers were not only causing problems for pedestrians but also creating barriers in the smooth flow of traffic. Yasmeen Ali, a shopper at G-9 Karachi Company market said, “Karachi Company is one of the oldest markets of the city, where a large number of people come for shopping, the problem of parking in the market is worsening day by day, “If we park vehicles in the no parking zones, the traffic wardens impose fines on us,” she added. Yazrail Bhatti, a shopper at Aabpara market said, “Encroachers have occupied the footpaths leaving no space for the shoppers to park their vehicles.” Most of the encroaching stalls and pushcarts have been set up by the shopkeepers in violation of the rules of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), but the authority is least interested in taking action against the violators.