Dr Qadeer Khan – our next president?


The team leader of Pakistan’s nuclear program, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, says he would accept the presidency if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif were to offer him the post.

The prominent scientist says that he has the support of various political and religious parties, which means he could be appointed the post without any opposition.

The federal government, led by the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N), has decided to hold presidential elections soon to oust its political rival in the presidency, Asif Ali Zardari.

Various names have been in consideration for the post including Sartaj Aziz, Mumtaz Bhutto, and Ghaus Ali Shah. All of them, however, belong to PML-N.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), led by Imran Khan, is also considering names of candidates to contest the post. Similarly, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is considering people such as Aitzaz Ahsan and Raza Rabbani for the same post.


  1. WIth all due respect to Dr. A. Q. Khan and his services to the nation, his mental health has to be considered seriously. If you look at his statement after coming out of his solitary confinement, it does not seem to be in stable state.

  2. What is behind the stories about Khan’s alleged network no one knows? Reason is there was no substantial proof provided by any agency on A Q khan’s network. Nevertheless Pakistan is determined on its nuclear safety, security and nonproliferation efforts.

  3. There are no ground proof's of whatever called black market of nuclear and labelling it as an act of A.Q Khan. Pakistan being a nuclear state act responsibly for its safety and security.

  4. Anonymous
    Mukhtar in Chicago
    Greed and hungry for fame, this idiot goes on vomiting garbage. He should shut his mouth and be thankful for the respect he is given by the nation. That brainless Musharaf also belongs to this category and is paying for his faux pax. The leaders are also of the same mentality and there is nothing one can do to change the DNA of Pakistanis. They can do nothing right , no matter how many times they are passed through tests and adversity?

    • You must be a taxi driver or at the most a street vendor in Chicago unless you wait at the tables in some cheap joint.Your language suggests you are illitrate and piece of garbage.You idiot it was Musharraf who defied all pressures and did not hand him over to Foreign Agencies.There is no doubt that Dr Qadeer is a greedy man and is off his mental balance.

  5. This news clearly shows that its just a statement made by Dr. A. Q. Khan not by PML-N, fingers are crossed even then if Dr. name goes for president. As, it will be interesting to see who votes for him?

  6. We do not recommend that Dr.Abdul Qadeer for President of Pakistan as we do not wish he may be dishonored.If Farishta is to be posted on this job,he will not be treated nicely.It is better we do not want to lose a great scientist of Pakistan at any cost.He is our most costly asset.

  7. He was team leader of just only the centrifuge program at KRL. Several other projects were built in Pakistan by PAEC needed to make a bomb which were independent of KRL. These projects consist of the nuclear fuel cycle and includes uranium exploration, mining and refining, uranium processing and conversion–a process that makes the feed stock for centrifuges in the form of uranium hexafluoride gas at DG Khan–nuclear fuel fabrication at Kundian, plutonium production reactors at Khushab, reprocessing plants at Chashma and New Labs, PINSTECH, and above all the design, development and testing infrastructure of the bomb itself–which is why it was PAEC that carried out the 1998 tests. The first cold test of a working nuclear device was carried out by PAEC on March 11, 1983 followed by 24 more cold tests uptil 1995.

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