Commissioner concerned with traffic mess created by encroachments


Karachi Commissioner Shoaib Siddiqui on Wednesday ordered immediate action to eliminate all encroachments and garbage dumps from the metropolis premises saying that the obstacles have destroyed the beauty of the city and lower living conditions for the citizens.

The commissioner stated this while visiting Habib Public School and expressed his displeasure after witnessing a large horde of vendors, rickshaws and other encroachments at the institutions entrance..

“Providing a safe and congenial atmosphere to students is our responsibility and duty towards our children,” he told officials accompanying him.

The officials included Harbour Assistant Commissioner Abdul Jabbar, Noman Arshad and Media Director Shabbih Siddiqui.


He called the situation he witnessed at the schools entrance a pathetic example of what students were being subjected to on a daily basis. “This chaos jeopardises serenity students need for leaning,” stated Siddiqui.

“We have to address this mess to the maximum of our capacities,” reiterated the commissioner. He directed the officials concerned to launch a drive against encroachments and illegal parking stands, particularly those on close proximity to government and educations institutions.

Principal Nargis Alvi reported to the commissioner regarding the issues being faced by the faculty as well as students the student body and requested him to deal with these at the earliest. The commissioner assured all those present that security and traffic management issues would be addressed through close cooperation among the city administration, school management, well as businesses on the main thoroughfares. Siddqui directed the assistant commissioner to remain in constant contact with educational institutions and the police force to accommodate citizens and students to the best of their abilities.

In conclusion, the commissioner appreciated Habib Public School’s contribution to forward education and sports in the city.

Complimenting the college’s education prowess, Siddiqui remarked “, It is a matter of great honor for this institute to have fielded11 olympian for the country.”