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SC to judge constitutional grounds of MPs’ discretionary funds

The Supreme Court on Tuesday observed that there was a need to interpret ways and means for using the discretionary funds allocated for parliamentarians and remarked that the court would examine the constitutional grounds of the funds.

The apex court also observed that constitutional queries had also been framed with the help of law experts in this regard.

A three-judge bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Jawwad S Khawaja and Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed resumed hearing in cases regarding the usage of discretionary funds by former prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and the usage of development funds in Balochistan.

The chief justice remarked that the parliamentarians took oath for protecting the rights of people and uplifting the constitution but after coming in parliament, they forgot fulfilling their promises.

Justice Jawwad S Khawaja categorically stated that the public exchequer belonged to the people of country and no one else had any right to use it at his own will.

He said if any government violated the rules and regulations, the court would come into action.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked that the funds were distributed among 106 non-parliamentarians who were not entitled to the grant.

The CJ remarked that the former prime minister diverted money from Bhasha Dam and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) projects, which was illegal and unlawful.

Attorney General Munir A Malik apprised the court that the chief engineer had said that whenever they went for inspection, the influentials of the area pressurised them and threatened them.

The AG added that he was not sure about the monitoring system of the development projects and in that regard, he had to seek instructions from the concerned quarters.

Later, the court in its order directed the attorney general to give arguments on the issue on the next date of hearing and adjourned the case until July 17.

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  1. Anon said:

    Dang …
    You know why I am saying this …

  2. DualNational said:

    CJ is just jealous because the parliamentarians may be making more than him. He wants his cut. He will be retiring soon and wants to make sure than his next seven generations are taken care of. Or maybe he wants part of that maney so he can fix his eyes. Kana choor.

    • James Baxter said:

      Absolutely abhorrent and disgusting statement which is a product of a stunted mind.

  3. Mohammed said:

    Its a shame that you are not the kana! What a stupid statement.

  4. DualNational said:

    Kana judge is so fond of taking notices of everything. I wonder why he didn't take notice when his son was making billions living in his house. Oh. I forgot. He is blind in one eye and he was keeping the other eye on all the "corrupt" politicians, general, beaurocrats, business people, banks, ipp's and everyone else in the world. Poor guy. Just one eye to watch so many things in the world 🙂

    • Ravian said:

      Dear DualNational – whereas its your right to express the way you likes, may I request you to please avoid making derogatory comments about somebody's physical attributes. Thanks.

  5. Ravian said:

    MP's discretionary funds are the 'mother' of all corruption in Pakistan. This scheme is one of the many gifts from Zia, the other equally prominent gift being the jihadist outfits.

  6. noraydajawai said:

    O bus kar draamay apnay konjor putr noo tey samb lay

  7. Khan Baba said:

    CJP takes notice of every issue except delayed jugments (taking decades) in courts, no punishments to target killers. Bribary in lower courts. No system in courts.
    Mr. CJP, please fix problems in your department then put your noise in other issues. We have not seen any fruitful result of your suo motos and other SH*Ts you do.

  8. ASIM said:

    SC- has failed to provide just to masses infact it is acting to provide support to elite class; Zardari disqualification was a simple case but SC-CJ diverted the case towards swiss authorities. And then accepted and kept silent over Nawaz escalation as PM.

  9. Jabreel said:

    Its shame for SC-CJ that zardari left the country for good

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