Nawaz again calls for end to drone strikes


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has reiterated Pakistan’s demand for an immediate end to controversial US drone strikes in Pakistan.

According to sources, he expressed these views in a meeting with US Ambassador Richard Olson who called on the prime minister on Tuesday.

According to an official statement, both leaders exchanged views on Pakistan-US relationship and important matters.

The sources said Nawaz expressed disappointment and dismay over the latest drone strike in North Waziristan and said the US should respect Pakistan’s sovereignty and put an immediate end to the drone strikes in which many innocent lives are lost.

“We want relations with the US to be strengthened based on mutual respect,” he said.

Nawaz also sought the US help in combating the energy crisis which had crippled the economy of the country.

According to the sources, he also told the US ambassador that Washington could economically help Pakistan by bringing in more investment.

Olson said the US wanted to strengthen its ties with Pakistan and was willing to it.


  1. Still, only statements. What happened to high flown claims during election campaign? Was it only meant to hoodwink the people?

    • Lets say the elections were rigged,PML-N still won by a big margin.Now,having said that,if the majority of Pakistani's voted for Nawaz,does that make all those Pakistani's Nalaiq and Munafiq????????????????? The point is,we the people elect them,vote for them,then when they don't deliver in the first month lol,we start calling them names.I think its time people of Pakistan start looking at themselves rather then passing the buck,after all,you created this government just like you created the last one.And please save me the "I DIDN'T VOTE FOR HIM" majority of the people did.

      • Every one knows PPP and PMLN very well. May be you need more time to realize, finally you will reach to the same conclusion.

        • Read my comment above,understand it,and then reply,both PPP and PML-N made promises they won't keep,that was the whole reason for my comment above.And also the fact that people elected them,if people are so tired of all this,stop electing the same 2 parties and give someone else a chance,they couldn't possibly do any worse.So stop calling them names and take the blame is all I'm saying,we the people are the cause.

  2. Nawaz became PM for the 3rd time which is a complete failure of democracy. He is involved in various cases but even then power is handed over to him.

    A puppet brought to suck the blood of massess

  3. every body saying DRONE is our national bird,no one can stop that,these news just to show off..u see nothing will happen,.our land is only safe for terrorist..when we get rid of dis.each nd.everyday suicide bombing ,in this holy month on financial crisis ,now.when we change?

  4. First Nawaz expresses his dsappoiyment and displeasure about the drones,tells them respect our sovereignty,then he tells them WE want to strengthen our relationship,then he,wait for it,wait for it……….BAM can you help us with our energy crisis lmfao.hat does he think he's doing,on one side he is kissing Chinese ### and getting help from them and he turns to the Americans and want their help too,guess whats going to happen? drones will continue,and they should,at least someone is killing the bad guys,Americans will drop a few millions in their packet and they'll quiet down since thats all that matters to them,like one American general said,Pakistani's are so cheap,its very easy to buy them,and I agree.There is mind over matter and then there is Pakistani version,money over matter.BAZINGA.Say it ain't so.

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