Ramadan Sasta Bazaars not so cheap after all


Prices of essential commodities at Ramadan Sasta Bazaars have escalated creating problem for the citizens.

According to customers, the rates of vegetables have witnessed a massive price increase of 10 to 15 percent.

According to the rate list announced by the government the prices of items and the increase are as follows: Potato was Rs 30 per kg but is now Rs 40 per kg, Tomato was at Rs 60 per kg and now is at Rs 120 per kg, Lemon was at Rs 140 per kg but is now is at Rs160 per kg. Similarly, the prices of other vegetables have also skyrocketed.

One of the vendors said that due to the general increase in prices the rates have been revised. He said, “The profit I earn is far less compared to what I was earning when prices were low. The price increase has reduced the buying capacity of the people.”

The bazaars which were densely packed with people at the start of the holy month have seen a significant decrease in the number of visitors.

The customers complained that no checking is being carried out by the concerned government officials and vendors are charging according to their will.

The vendors while expressing their concerns said that they were unable to make any profit due to selling items at low prices.

The public has appealed to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take steps to provide relief to different segments of the society.


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