City gets 19mm of rain for breakfast



Early Monday morning, heavy rains in the city provided some relief against the muggy weather and accumulated rainwater in both low-lying areas and residential streets.

Many roads became inundated, and heaps of filth, plastic bags and waste dumped there worsened the situation. Solid waste and garbage choked the sewer lines, resulting in the accumulation of rainwater in various localities for hours.

The monsoon season downpour, despite the relief it brought from the heat, also resulted in many problems, particularly in low-lying areas where roads became completely flooded. Rainwater engulfed manholes in such areas, making them invisible and thus causing injuries for pedestrians and motorists who fell into them while trying to pass by.

According to the Met Office, the city received as much as 19 mm of rain and can expect more scattered thunderstorms with gusty winds in the next 24 hours. There are also seasonal low lies over north Balochistan and adjoining areas, and monsoon currents are reaching into the southern and eastern parts of the country.